Reebok Running Shoes

Reebok are one of the top manufacturers of sporting goods in the world, and also produce a range of running shoes. Reebok running shoes are often unique and stylish in design, and many are available for discount prices. This article will go through some of the history of the Reebok company, as well as some of their most popular mens running shoes.

Reebok was originally founded in 1895 in England, although the company says it is “American inspired”. Reebok are actually a subsidiary business of Adidas, although they produce a different range of running shoes. Reebok running shoes were first seen in the US at the start of the 1980s, where they became popular even though they were more expensive than competitors such as Nike.

The word Reebok comes from Afrikaans, where the original word means gazelle. The company has built up a reputation for high quality footwear, and there are a number of options available. Most Reebok shoes and other equipment has the Union Jack displayed somewhere, which has become a sort of icon for the company.

Reebok Zig Pulse Running Shoes

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then the Reebok Zig Pulse running shoes may be the perfect choice. They came in a fashionable and brazen design, and have a number of features.  Zig Pulse Reebok running shoes are made from synthetic materials, but have a manmade sole. The ZigTech technology helps to reduce shock waves travelling through the body from the sole, which reduces muscle damage in the leg.

The shoes also come with SmoothFit technology which helps to reduce any potential rubbing, and a forefoot flex groove for increased flexibility. If you need a running shoe that’s going to make you stand out then the Zip Pulse may be a good option, but they are also high quality shoes.

Reebok Premier Road Plus

If you want to buy a Reebok running shoe for road running then this is definitely an option. Some features include Kinetic Fit system for increased comfort, a medial post to help with pronation and a midsole which is designed to provide stability and cushioning.  The shoe is built for comfort, and is also relatively inexpensive. Cheap Reebok running shoes such as the Premier Road Plus are great for beginners and people on a tight budget.

Reebok Premier Verona KFS Mens Running Shoe

Some of the features of this shoe include a rubber sole, mesh and synthetic design, removable sockliner so the shoe can accommodate orthotics and Play Dry linings to help avoid the build up of moisture. The shoe is built to provide comfort, while at the same time being flexible in the right areas. Other features include a transition bridge to help the heel-toe transition and flex grooves in the forefoot.

There are a number of other Reebok running shoes available such as the Class Nylon and Premier Smoothlift. If you’re looking for discount Reebok running shoes then make sure you take the time to look around at the various retailers to find the best deal.