Puma Running Shoes

PUMA is a multinational company, based in Germany, that manufacturer a variety of products including high end running shoes and sportswear. Some of the most popular Puma running shoes include the PUMA Yugorun running sneaker, Complete Nightfox TR running sneaker and the Voltaic II sneaker. In this PUMA running shoe review we’ll talk about the company’s history as well as some of the company’s popular models. The company are also well known for their PUMA minimalist running shoes which we’ll discuss later on.

History Of PUMA

PUMA were originally formed in 1924 by two men called Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. This business relationship gradually deteriorated, however, until the company split, forming Adidas and Puma. The company is currently based in a town in Germany, and is well known for its football boots that have been used by famous soccer players such as Pele and Maradona. It also manufactures a large number of mens running shoes. PUMA running shoes have become one of the most popular brands in the US and around the world.

PUMA Men’s Voltaic II Sneaker

The PUMA Voltaic II sneaker is designed with textile and synthetic material, and has a rubber sole for extra durability.  It also comes with a supportive overlay, lace up front, textile lining and a durable outsole. Voltaic II shoes are popular amongst those who’ve bought them and reviewed them online, so are definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a mid range running sneaker.

PUMA Faas 300 Running Sneaker

The PUMA Faas 300 running sneaker is available in a variety of different colors including green, blue, red and white. It’s an attractive shoe that’s designed to be as minimalist as possible. This means that the shoe is made to mimic the feel of barefoot running as closely as possible without the problems that go with barefoot running. The shoe also has BioRide technology for an extra responsive ride.

PUMA Yugorun Running Sneaker.

As the name suggests, the PUMA Yugorun running sneakers are designed to be soft and comfortable. They come with a breathable mesh upper, lace up front and grippy outsole made form rubber. The Yugorun shoes also have an ortholite insole for extra cushioning. These shoes are popular amongst most people who’ve bought and reviewed them online.