Mizuno Wave Hawk Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Hawk running shoe is built for the neutral runner. It is a cushioned running shoe, and Mizuno claim that it’s perfect for runners returning from a period on the sidelines due to injury. It’s mainly targeted at the entry level runner though, and the price reflects this, but that doesn’t mean it’s of a poor quality. It is a lightweight trainer, and comes with a breathable mesh to make it comfortable and cool to run in. Other features include a cushioned midsole, durable even in high impact areas and greater traction when the heel strikes the ground.

Features of the Mizuno Wave Hawk running shoe

  • The Mizuno Wave Hawk running shoe is a cushioned trainer that’s built for people with a neutral foot arch. If you overpronate then this probably isn’t the shoe for you.
  • It’s an entry level shoe, meaning that it’s relatively cheap but doesn’t include as many features. Mizuno also recommend it if you’re trying to ease your way back in after a period without running, although this depends on whether you need supportive shoes to avoid injury. You really need to discuss this with a podiatrist.
  • As with any type of running shoe, there are certain areas which will be put under a lot of pressure. Durable materials are used in these areas to make sure the Wave Hawk lasts a reasonable amount of time. Rubber is also used on the sole of the shoe, as this provides more grip at heel strike.
  • Wave cushioning is used in the midsole (which is where the runner gets its name)
  • Parallel Wave technology is used to provide light cushioning

If you want a pair of running shoes for the occasional run, or to wear when doing other sorts of training, then the Mizuno Wave Hawk running shoe may be perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you need a runner for long distances then a higher quality model is probably your best bet.

Mizuno Wave Hawk running shoe reviews have generally been positive, with most buyers recommending the shoe for the price.

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