Mizuno Wave Creation 11

Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoes are quickly becoming a popular choice among beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. The trademark SmoothRide engineering allows the shoe to limit the quick acceleration and deceleration of the wearer’s foot while moving. This enables a smooth transition of the foot’s position. The Mizuno Wave Creation 11 contains an advanced cushioning technology known as Infinity Wave that also increases durability. The upper portion is equipped with an air mesh that allows for breathability without sacrificing style or comfort, the high impact areas of the foot while running, are absorbed by an X-10 outer sole that is tough, while remaining flexible and is most importantly long lasting.

One of the appeals of Mizuno Creation 11 Running Shoes is that they are designed with the larger or heavier runner in mind. Their shock absorption technology was built specifically for the body type that places more weight on the foot upon impact. This is the eleventh product the public has been offered since the Wave Creation line came into being. Users have reported a decrease in back pain as well as knee and joint pain that has been associated with running.

Marathon and long distance runners appreciate the extra support that this shoe offers and continues to offer even after thousands of miles of high impact running. With extra support in the arch of the foot, the shoe feels as if it giving energy back to the runner. Users claim that while the shoe may feel heavy and a bit firm at first, the extra spring it delivers with each step quickly counteracts these negatives.

These runners are fashioned with elastic bands that hold the upper portion of the shoe in place. Runners find that this allows them to run for long distances without developing blisters or irritations. The mid sole of the shoe contains two plastic plates that help to support the foot during high impact. This extra durability is why the shoe has become popular among heavier runners. While most runners will benefit from this design, some lighter runners may find it too firm and constricting.

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