Hi-Tec Mohabi Trail Running Shoe

Another Hi-Tec trail running shoe on the market at the moment is the Hi-Tec Mohabi. It comes in a similar color scheme as the Phoenix – orange, black and taupe – and has features such as a manmade sole and toe guard. This Hi-Tec Mohabi will discuss the main features of the trail runner, as well as what online reviewers have said about the product.

Hi-Tec Mohabi Trail Running Shoe Features

  • The Hi-Tec Mohabi trail runner is made using leather and mesh materials. It is designed to be durable and capable of withstanding the harsh, abrasive nature of trail running.
  • For extra protection the Hi-Tec Mohabi comes with a polyurethane toe guard. This helps to guard your feet against roots and rocks which are common on trails.
  • Like other Hi-Tec running shoes, the Mohabi is designed to be comfortable and lightweight. It has speed lace at the front so you can adjust the shoe to your requirements, along with a shock absorbing sole and removable EVA liner. The shoe is also made to be breathable with a cool mesh design.
  • The carbon rubber outsole is made to provide aggressive grip and traction on a variety of different types of terrain.

Hi-Tec Mohabi Reviews

Reviews of the Hi-Tec Mohabi trail running shoe are mainly positive, although there aren’t many reviews on the internet at the moment. Some of the good comments about the trail runner include that they provide good value for money, are comfortable to wear and are breathable for keeping your feet cool. The construction of the shoe is said to be good, with the shoes having the “feel” of a trail runner that can stand up to abrasive terrain. Most reviews mention that the price of the Hi-Tec Mohabi is very reasonable, which means there isn’t much risk to trying them out.

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