Adidas Kanadia Trail 3

The Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 is a heavy duty trail runner designed for all types of rugged terrain. Some of its features include adiWear outsole of extra grip, adiPrene cushioning technology and a mud shedding system. The shoes are also designed to be durable and aggressive, making them a good choice for trail runners. Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 reviews have been generally very good, with runners pleased with the comfort and grip of the shoes.

Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 Features

  • The Adidas men’s Kanadia Trail 3 running shoes are built to be aggressive and durable. One look at the tread of the Kanadia 3 tells you all you need to know about exactly what these shoes were designed for – off road running on a variety of different types of terrain.
  • Even so, the Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 running shoes have been designed to be agile as well sturdy. Adidas describe the shoes as having a “sleek and fast” look which is difficult to argue with.
  • The Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 running shoes come with a mud shedding outsole to help prevent mud from building up while on a run.
  • They also have a gusseted tongue and breathable air mesh. The adiWEAR outsole is also designed to increase traction while running on hard terrain.
  • To reduce impact force while running the Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 running shoe includes adiPrene cushioning technology.

Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 Reviews

Most runners who’ve bought the Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 running shoe have been happy with their choice, although there are some who found that the shoe wore out too quickly. In general, however, the shoes have been well received by trail runners. Examples of good comments include that the shoes are great on all types of terrain, are less slippery in wet conditions than previous models and are comfortable to wear. The shoes are, however, heavier than the first model of the Kanadia according to one reviewer.

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